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Yay UHC! Yay Socialised Medicine!

From AOL News:

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Sept. 25) -- Canadian officials want to know why a wheelchair-bound man waited for 34 hours in a Winnipeg hospital's emergency waiting room before dying from a bladder infection, according to CBC News and CTV News. Staffers at Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba found Brian Sinclair, 45, dead after midnight Sunday, but officials said he apparently died some time before then. Sinclair had not been able to urinate for 24 hours due to a block in his catheter, leading to his death, said Dr. Thambirajah Balachandra, the province's chief medical examiner. Balachandra has called for an inquest into Sinclair's death. Sinclair's family has reacted with shock and outrage. "He's my blood," his cousin Robert Sinclair told CBC News. "I don't like to see any of my blood relatives die for no reason and I believe that.… It was for no reason. The guy sat there for 34 hours for what reason?" Get the full story from CBC News.

Ummmm... the proof is in the pudding. Or the waiting in this case...