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WordPress As A Manuscript

ATTN: Those who have read/are planning to read my novel this year:

Oh some things have changed. Yes, yes they have.

When I thought about how messy the whole noveling on my blog process was last year, I made a rash decision. A decision with so little thought put into it that it is awesome. Instead of noveling my progress here, I have set up a completely new site with a completely new theme with awesome features.

All NaNoWriMo noveling will take place here:

Oh but that's not all. I have built an entire WordPress template especially for National Novel Writing Month - and more specifically for my fellow WriMos that post to WordPress.

The new theme is called Modern Linguist and is based on Chris Coyier's WPTypo theme, though with some decidedly drastic alterations. Notably, the theme has these amazing features:

  • Built-in word counts pulled from the NaNoWriMo API (as soon as it's activated for 2009, anyway)
  • Clean, minimal interface. Not widgetized as to keep it focused on your novel(s)
  • Choose-your-own Font Style with 8 (eight!) different typefaces
  • Width optimized for online reading
  • Typography based - no images in the template by default
  • Optional Synopsis display on the front page
  • Yearly category navigation (for easy novel separation)
  • Special displays for registered/logged-in users

It'll not only be a better experience for readers, but also for the person doing the noveling.

I'm looking at a launch date of 30 October, just in time for NaNoWriMo (which starts on the first of November). If you're interested in using the template, let me know in the comments and I'll make sure answer your questions and email the theme to you when it's done!

For all of you that had an account here on my blog, that's all been moved over to: - you can login with your same credentials and should be able to read last year's novel still. If you have issues, shoot me an email.

If any of you check out the new template, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

And for those of you who have no idea what I've been talking about, read this post.