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Why I Like Social Networking

I started a thread over in the NaNoWriMo forums trying to find people who scrobble at (btw, you should scrobble if you don't. And you should add me as a friend). And it's been awesome to have a few discussions about music as well as finding new bands and such.

That's what I like about social networking -- the loose communities that can develop. We're able to have friends in other parts of the world that we can converse with daily or hourly, which helps us maintain community. Facebook has gotten us to connect to old friends and classmates we may never have seen or heard from again otherwise, MySpace lets us show off how crappy our layout skills are (just kidding... for me anyway, my design skills rock!) and connect with random folks, LinkeIn keeps us connected to the professionals we networked with at a conference or worked for briefly freelancing, and Twitter gives us constant voices of friends around the world.

Sure, it can be construed as information overload by some, but I'm adept to not being overloaded, which is how I can handle of this. And I really do like the "meeting" new people aspects. I've met a couple of cool people through NaNo and in just the past couple of days. yay!