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What working for a college does

I work for a small college (1600 total) in Southern Illinois, about 45 miles East of St Louis, MO. I work in the Office of Advancement which includes PR, Development (giving), Alumni Relations and Web. My entire department has 14 people in it at the moment. Everyone is in everyone's business.

This also means that I end up working a lot of weekends. Not only am I the web guy but I'm also videographer and photographer for events. Such as Homecoming this weekend. I have to get up early in the morning tomorrow and go take photos of the Panther 5k run, then the women's alumni volleyball game, and finally an alumni luncheon.

Jessica and I are also very nice people. We let our friends stay with us when they come out for these things. Even if it's over, say, Jessica's birthday which happens to be today. Yes, tonight we have a friend coming to stay with us. Which is fine. I really wanted to take Jessica out for her birthday at some point near the actual date.

We also need to go buy coffee. This has been a blah week.  But the election is less than two weeks away, which means I won't have to listen to arguments and discussions anymore. Or get stressed out by them. Instead I can read and study more history so that I am even better informed for the next election.

I'm tired. I'm tired of my work and of being blocked from actually making improvements where they need to be made. I haven't heard yet about my grad school app and probably won't until after the first of the year. Maybe as far away as March. But I'm praying all the time I'm accepted so that we can leave here and start doing something more fun/worthwhile.

We read Twilight. It was "eh" - we'll read the second one but I might actually write a review of the first novel in the saga. I think I might start doing book review/reports here. That might be fun. And an incentive to finish reading the mountain I've already started.