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What A Week.

I am so tired. It's been a ridiculous week. Or weeks. I can't remember.

All I know is that last week was packed with a ton of projects, lots of school, and that all took over my weekend. So it feels like it's been one long week.

This week, I woke up on Tuesday with a sore throat. But it's getting colder and if we run the heater in the house I always end up with a sore throat. It normally will be gone in a few hours. Yeah, this one didn't go away. I was really worried I was sick. Wednesday I woke up and the throat was not as bad, and I felt great, physically. Ended up going to work with tons of tea, Theraflu, cough drops, and Zicam. Felt terrible as the day wore on.

But then it was Thursday and I felt fine. But had a 4-hour long strategic planning meeting that drained the life out of me. Same thing today. Where did this week go? I'm realizing that this full-time work, full-time school, tons of freelance thing just isn't working well for me. Freelance projects have increased a ton since the spring when I started school and now I'm just not feeling it with everything else. I'm drained, stressed. Way too much going on.

I've got a week until my mom and sister are here to visit for Thanksgiving. That'll be a bit of a break, I think. But then I won't get a real break until mid December when school is done and Jess and I leave for Christmas/anniversary. That feels a long way off.