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Wow, lack of updates. I guess I'm busy.

First things first, I quit ScriptFrenzy already. I just have too much to do right now. And for me, I found a lot more motivation in writing a novel than I do in writing a script. Every time I sit down to script I think "I have websites and jobs I should be working on" and so I do those instead.

And the fruits of that misplaces labour is that is almost finished. And I've got a good bead on the GFMC site. AND I possibly have a new client from here at the school. That's exciting. He's a super cool guy and, from what I hear, an excellent musician.

Last Saturday I judged the AgapeFest Battle of the Bands. It was kind of a long afternoon, but I've judged the thing the last three years and ran it before that. So I knew what I was getting into. It was a pretty good show with some great bands and some good bands and some so-so bands. But that's what you get at a battle.

So, in a month it'll be festival time and that will take up my life for about two weeks. I've got video to coordinate and a staff to look after and probably something else that'll come up. Sadly no friends in bands coming out this year, but that's okay.

I'm also planning some cool micro-blogging on the week of set up. I think I found a WP plugin that'll work out and we'll be able to twitter from @agapefest and have WordPress pull in the photos we send to TwitPic via our iPhones and such. Probably should take my Flip camera out too. Man. This might actually be fun!