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Updates at Work Suck

I was going to wait till I had some definite numbers on this, but seeing as my work internet connection is ensuring that this will not be done by quitting time, we'll post now.

So OS X 10.5.3 was release today after months of developer seeds. Jess and I arrived home with our tasty burgers and mistys from DQ to find Jon D proclaiming via Twitter that 10.5.3 was released. I ran upstairs and started the upgrade on my PowerBook G4. With our DSL connection it took ~12 minutes to download the package (given, it was 190 mb for the PB). As I was leaving home OS X was patching files. And that's when I thought about it...

If I had gone to Apple Support and downloaded the entire package, put it on my USB thumb drive I wouldn't have to download it at work.

Stupid me. I get to work and start the download. First off, it's a 420 mb download for my Mac Pro at work. Secondly, it's going to take 3 hours. It's 2:15 as I write this sentence and the downloader is in the 66mb range and still reading 3 hours to download. In 3 hours I will be home enjoying my .5.3 install on trusty old Shiny (the name I bestowed on my PBG4 back in the day) and this stupid Mac Pro will be still downloading.

Okay, so funny part. We have three T1s at school, 95% of the students are home, and the rest of us are working... not downloading. And I still max out at 35kbps downloads normally. That's ridiculous as I have a 3mbps downlink from AT&T DSL.

Anyway, here's the comparison:

Home (DSL): 190mb = ~12 minutes = 15mb/min

Work (T1 x 3): 420mb = ~180 minutes = 2.3mb/min