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Underneath This Midwest Sky

"You leave and it's over, you make this place older; you cry on his shoulder but he'll turn away..."

By some weird twist of the fates I came across Augustana's Midwest Skies and Sleepless Mondays, which they recorded while at GC - incidentally most of them were on my floor freshman year, Dan living next door and Josiah down the hall. Palomar was in some other dorm.

Anyway, they recorded this album in Paducah with Jon King (who's an awesome guy - lives in AZ now, as far as I know). I remember when the boxes from discmakers finally arrived and helping Dan and Sim carry them up to 3rd Janssen. I got like, the second disc! Haha.

"Am I the only one who feels this way? Am I the only one? Am I the only one crying inside?"

This album always reminds me of summer. That day was hot, carrying six or seven boxes upstairs. No A/C. I had that disc in rotation for two weeks. Straight. Well, probably with the occasional Mae, Copeland or Death Cab for Cutie (Something About Airplanes, The Photo Album, and We Have the Facts... - NOT that other crap they've been releasing).

They're probably the most famous people I know - except I don't really know them anymore. Most of the guys have changed a lot and I haven't seen them in like, five years. Which is fine. I did talk to Palomar after they first played Craig Ferguson. But I think that was the last time. I've conversed a bit with Josiah since he left the band and started The Last Almanac (which is effing incredible), but only online.

Anyway. This is a perfect album for this morning.

"Maybe baby you'll look up someday to the bright blue sky and you'll never turn away. And he's waiting, waiting for you to make a move; he's shown it all to you..."