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two ipods?!?!

I got my first gen iPod Nano back today. The one that was stolen. It's still got all of my music on it and everything. So that's nice.

My old external harddrive died when we got back, so I got an discounted upgrade through Western Digital. I lost all of my music when the old one died. So I'm getting what I can back onto my new one. It's 400GB worth. that means I can use time machine on my work computer properly (since this HDD is almost twice the size of the one I've got inside my Mac Pro at work.)

So yay! Sorry there haven't been many updates, and no visual ones at all on this site. I'm pretty busy with work and that makes me not want to do stuff at home (plus it's hard to go from CS3 on dual 17" flatpanels to CS3 on a single 12" PowerBook). Hopefully soon. I've got some good ideas. Just need to get them down in pixels.