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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-31

  • hanging with my cute wife! #
  • @chadpearson wow. @randallpjenkins could you send me one of those too? #
  • bed. goodnight. #
  • new CSS (the finalized one, not the leak) is pretty good. For work anyway. #
  • @LeviFig It's stable so far... running it for about 3 hours #
  • @elleeffect WV is a long ways away! But we might be already trying to work it out. #
  • @elleeffect only if we get to hang out with you guys... I guess the in-laws like it too :) #
  • taking care of business. It's nice to finish a few things. #
  • @docj1664 whoa! awesome. #
  • FINALLY. CS3 Production Premium is here. #
  • yeah... installing takes a while #
  • I'm SO glad I've got premiere now. #
  • huzzah for my first video dump. On this machine anyway. Hogue Hall in time lapse :) #
  • Jess (@waysideviolet) just said: "The Sanders are outside beating a rug. Should I go tell them what year it is?" #
  • i'm going home to see my kitteh doggy #
  • made guacamole... next is shrimp fajita type something. mmmmmmmm. #