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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-23

  • at home watching tv #
  • Got an extra hour of sleep. Today's time lapse is running. Going to be in the office today. #
  • @elleeffect exciting morning then huh? #
  • watching the middle and west wing come down #
  • dumping photos. gotta process a couple hundred and upload them soon #
  • uploading more photos. #
  • @LeviFig what's it doing? #
  • how did I do a double exposure with my d80??? @elleeffect do you know? #
  • @LeviFig haha, good point. That sucks. What type of enclosure did you get? #
  • hell yes I'm listening to Third Eye Blind. It just feels right. #
  • Going to *bux and Mario's. #