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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-15

  • loaded my duaflex with some b&w 620 film from 1972 #
  • just bought a couple of polarizing filters #
  • yay for new Top Gear! #
  • @LeviFig - I'm pissed about no mobileScrobbler. I think the app doesn't scrobble because of the stupid iphone development rules. #
  • was twitter down again? #
  • WP 2.6 is fantastic. The Gears integration rocks as do the new Press It features. #
  • @jonduenas what'd they do this time? #
  • @LeviFig @jonduenas no doubt. I'm going elsewhere as soon as the contract is up. #
  • @LeviFig do you host with the same guy andrĂ© does? #
  • @LeviFig you are a god among men Levi. :) #
  • mmmm that Mars bar was good. They should come back to the states. #
  • 3G pwned... can't wait till the new Pwnage tool is released. #
  • headed to the grocery store then home to make dinner #