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Twitter Updates for 2008-06-11

  • Lisbon hotel is booked. #
  • back in the office. I love walking into a freezing cold office after the walk to work. #
  • @mynameisharry oh wow. makes me happy to have divs. #
  • i can't get the freaking cd rom to work in one of our student worker machines #
  • i'm thinking starbucks. I wish there was one close by. #
  • @andreanjos awesome. #
  • If you like music, you must download this: #
  • @sMoRTy71 yeah, aren't they??? I got mine a few weeks ago. #
  • gosh what's with all these rush jobs? #
  • @astarrynight lime green and coral! #
  • ech. got a headache. probably from a lack of caffeine. #