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Twitter Updates for 2008-05-14

  • stupid european nickel and dime you "cheap" fare flights... #
  • looks like RyanAir is out, AerLingus is in. #
  • this is so frustrating. #
  • i wish coffee fixed all of my aches and pains. #
  • i really like that i can print to my Mac printers through the new Fusion. #
  • what digital video camera should I price for Advancement? #
  • @shawnhubbard prosumer at least. to integrate footage into outsourced prodcution #
  • @durrdurr I am excited. #
  • @thechrisvoth since when?! #
  • I'm finally listening to this week's TWiT #
  • @jonduenas jon, you enjoy being THAT guy. #
  • @jonduenas ooooo. good one. #