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Twitter Updates for 2008-05-08

  • It's a film noir sort of evening. #
  • top chef. a drink of water. I'm tired man. #
  • still raining outside. #
  • @dssolveinlove Safari does the same thing to me. #
  • I don't know. The new Augustana's pretty good. Besides some rips from Ryan Adams. But what do you expect? Dan & Josiah ripped Mineral last #
  • yay for getting music back. #
  • @shawnhubbard I concur. #
  • @dssolveinlove I agree. It's not original at all. but it's not bad. I kind of dig it. In the way I "dig" Coldplay? #
  • Manbabies on Best Week Ever! #
  • @dssolveinlove Well yeah. Including myself :) - i'm just saying the album is a lot better than what Matetic said, and better than the first. #
  • I'm looking at a couple meetings and/or presentations the rest of the afternoon. #
  • I miss scott cunningham so much. #
  • headed home. #
  • finally home #
  • @andreanjos all of the content? You screwed it up that bad?? :) #