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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-22

  • Flight of the Conchords. Excellent. New CD coming out soon on SubPop - it's SO good. #
  • GAH! #
  • oh cool: #
  • @mynameisharry I wish I lived in Britain :) #
  • @mynameisharry Excellent. haven't been to the UK since 2002. It's been TOO long. #
  • @mynameisharry I know, I need to stock up on airwaves gum. Wrigley won't sell it here in the states. And curly wurly... oh curly wurly. #
  • mexican free lunch. happy administrative professionals day! #
  • back from lunch #
  • @dssolveinlove well, that too. #
  • Eating a huge lunch at a mexican restaurant does not make me want to come back and start working. But I kind of want an apple. #
  • just ordered free mini cards from moo via flickr. yay. #