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Twenty Nine Years Old

One step closer to the big Three—Oh. I had a great birthday this year. My mom flew in from Spokane to spend the weekend with us and we've spent the past few days showing her around Austin ... and, obviously, eating around Austin.

But my birthday weekend started out with waiting in line for new iPhones on Friday morning. That was a mistake. Never again. We got our phones, and I'm really impressed with the 5s, not to mention Jessica's pink 5c looks amazing, but I will never again stand in line that early to buy something. Ever. If I talk about doing that again, slap me.

Saturday, Jessica took me to Lambert's Downtown Barbecue for a birthday brunch. Their burger is still one of my favourites and she had never had the pleasure of eating in their wood-smoke scented establishment. We had a great meal and enjoyed just being with each other. She then took me to Waterloo for a bit of record shopping and I walked away with an amazing haul of used records from The Get Up Kids and Jets to Brazil and finally picked up the 10th anniversary pressing of The Postal Service's Give Up. That packaging is amazing.

Then we came home and listened to records all afternoon before going out to pick up my mom from the airport. After a day out and about in Austin we met up with a bunch of local friends at The ABGB for drinks, pizza, and some birthday cheesecake. The guys at The ABGB are amazing and deserve all of the good recommendations you can give them on Yelp, Foursquare, and Google. They refrigerated cheesecake for us and even held some tables, despite us commandeering a few at the back of the bar. Super nice dudes that wished me a happy birthday. I hope they enjoyed the cheesecake we left with them as a "thank you."

I know I say this every year, but I've got a bunch of plans in the works and I think 29 will be the best yet... as we speed toward my 30th birthday Yacht Rock party.