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Turning 27

Tomorrow I turn 27 years old. And there's nothing witty or wise for me to say. This is a year where I've just plugged along and that makes the changing of years void of any sort of creative words.

This past year I've built a ton of websites with Dept. 3 for clients like Eliza Dushku, Vita Chambers, Denison Witmer, and Anthem Films. I've been playing a lot more bass and I've made a lot of progress on my master's. And I bought my first new car.

I launched 8 websites in six months, redesigned my own blog...

This year was spent on the web, wasn't it? Pretty much all I did this year was create the web, or write about it. The results? Well, a lot to go in the portfolio and on my résumé and wrists that ache, a lot.

I'm not sure what my 27th year will be like. I know I'll finish my MA. But beyond that, I think the year is wide open.