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Trouble with Subdomains

So... I am NOT on a subdomain right now. I'm trying to work something out with GoDaddy. Otherwise, I'm going to scrounge up some cash and completely move this blog elsewhere. Like 1&1 or someplace else that's cheap and not as effing slow as Godaddy is.

Here's a description and maybe you can diagnose the problem:

I share hosting with my good friend Jon. Currently my domain is set up as a subdirectory under the root of our server. His domain points to the actual root which is where he runs his site.

So, my site looks and can act like a subsite of his (for instance, try My subs won't work. My web admin buddy Jared (whom I share and office with at work) postulated that it could be everything getting mixed up because my site looks like a subsite of Jon's. Could be....

Well, Godaddy won't allow the "primary domain" to be directed at a subdirectory, only root. Which is dumb. We don't run our sites like that here - and we definitely have multiples. In any case, that seems to be a bit part of the problem.

Any takers? Should I just buy my own hosting and say screw it?