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Trek Makes Me Happy

My dad made me a Star Trek fan at a very early age. I'm not sure I'd call myself a devoted Trekkie, but I love the show - especially The Next Generation, but mostly because that was what I grew up with on tv.

That said, I am SO excited for the new J.J. Abrams -directed film. One of my favourite writer/directors taking over the Trek mantle is awesome. Particularly because the writers on his team that handled the new script are die-hard fans of the franchise even if Abrams himself is not.

Yesterday Gizmodo posted the submissions to there latest photoshop contest which was all about ruining the new Star Trek film. I found it pretty hilarious and it provided me a good five minutes of laughing at my desk. A lot of the submissions were, unsurprisingly, smash-ups of Star Trek and Star Wars. And were really funny.

So along those lines, here's a YouTube video @kevinkirchner found... and it's funny.