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Time's up

We're leaving early in the morning. Heading to Fairview Heights, taking the MetroLink out to STL. We fly into O'Hare and have almost a seven hour layover until our flight out to Porto (no good). We're probably going to hope on the blue line and take it downtown to get some Giordano's and then go to H&M and get some t shirts or something.

I'm working on unlocking Jared Smith's old GSM RAZR. I think it's going to work. I just wish I had thought of this earlier. We have to be up at 4am. And it's 10 now. And I'd really like to sleep. Of course, I'm kind of stressed out so I probably won't sleep much anyway. I need to stop worrying about this trip. But at least we only have to buy a SIM card and some minutes when we get to Porto. That'll be nice.

We found two people to dog sit for us. But I wish we had someone actually staying at the house with him all the time. I think we're just going to miss him so much and that makes us nervous/worried. I know that's a big part of my stress.

I'm not sure how often I'll have an internet connection in Portugal. Jon hasn't updated or been online at all, so I'm thinking not often. But I'll try to update everyone as it goes. I'll be uploading photos to flickr whenever I get the chance.

Finally, please pray for us if you're the praying type. We'll need it. At least I will. I'm ready to have fun, but actually being in charge of a big trip like this is a lot harder I expected. But in the past all of the details have been worked out by other people.