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Time for a Random Windows Update

Yeah, I know. Why do I even bother maintaining my old desktop? I guess for one because I only have a PPC based Mac - otherwise I'd be running windows in a VM or Bootcamp. Why do I run Windows at all? Mainly for web testing and for the few old games I have that are Windows dependent. 

So today I was going to go ahead and create an SP3 slipstreamed install disc to do clean wipe and update. This is undoubtedly a full-day job, because Microsoft makes everything so freaking hard. With OS X, it's an hour maybe to get everything where I want it and be done. OS X gets out of the way, Windows makes me constantly tweak it and that is stupid frustrating.

Well, back in my--I think it was--Junior year of college I was doing a reformat and my DVD-ROM drive started spinning really fast (thanks a lot Samsung). So fast, in fact, that the Windows XP OEM disc inside shattered to bits. Microsoft wanted to charge me $60 for a new disc. $60! Just for the media. That's the biggest ripoff I've ever heard of. Needless to say, I got a copied OEM cd from a friend since I already owned a license.

Since that time I have been constantly losing these burned copies or they get scratched up. Then I have to try to replace them. But I don't have the original source disc. It's so frustrating. So, thanks a lot MS for making my life hard. This is a major reason why I have switched to Apple. That and the fact that they understand User Interfaces and can leverage that vs. their marketing. You try to force your ideas of what UI should be on your users, thus alienating the savvy ones such as myself... and the rest of the design world.

So yes another sucky day in the trenches trying to get Windows SP3 installed. Why do I even put up with this crap?