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Thoughts on the Guiliani’s Speech

It was interesting watching Twitter tonight. Jessica and I watched Project Runway during the Huckabee and Romney speeches and then watched those during Rudy's speech. Everything in order though.

So I'm watching Rudy's speech thinking it was going to be terrible and offensive. But he made a great case outlining why the low taxes conservative approach helps grow the economy, made some funny jabs... Then he talked about terrorism - but come on, that's his platform. Guiliani has to talk about that terrorism issue. Even in the midst of this, he was right. It was a REALLY good speech. Extremely persuasive. And especially for him.

But those Twitter comments man... it hit me. I guess for a lot of people it's really hard in this election to separate reason and thinking and understanding on the issues from their emotions. And a lot of democrats are emotionally attached to Obama -- and his really incredible PR machine. It doesn't matter what the actual issues are. Obama speaks well and looks good and has "made history."

Change is not a destination, just like hope is not a strategy. -Rudy Guiliani

We'll see how Palin goes.