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Thoughts on Palin's Speech

First thoughts: Palin's classy. Her style is really Jackie Onassis. And she's really fiery. Her first sentence was forceful. Her opening commentary on McCain shows genuine (or at least perceived genuine) support. She's disarmingly sweet. I think you can really feel connected to her. Even in the pacing of her speech. Not too informal, but not pretentious whatsoever.

She introduces her son from the get-go and links him with the personal concern. And how perfect is it that he is being shipped out on Sept. 11, and one week from today? Planned maybe? She's got a good looking family too.

The speech-writers did a particularly good job though. Introducing her family right off the bat. CNN has been going on and on and on about how we don't know her. That's certainly been remedied.

She's forceful. Full out. The jabs written for her are firm and funny. And she moves on to hit every point that the media has been blabbering about. She sounds credible. Like Jessica pointed out - from a speech communication standpoint, two thumbs up.

That luxury jet? That was over the top... I put it on ebay. -Sarah Palin

She certainly has the smaller-scale executive experience needed. She may actually be over-qualified for the Vice President seat. Her record is impressive. I mean really. Can you deny it? She knows energy economies. If she doesn't have "foreign relations experience" she certainly seems to understand at least key strategic aspects of our frustrations with Russia. Not to mention the oil lords in the Middle East.

I saw this on Twitter -

travisfinstein Palin pretty much out 'Obamas' Obama. The difference: substance

What is Obama's strategy? We already heard from Rudy that Hope really isn't a strategy (can you believe it???). Palin nails it. This is what I've been saying for months:

The answer is to make government bigger. And take more of your money. And give you more orders from Washington. And to reduce the strength of America in a dangerous world. -Sarah Palin

Palin is extremely competent. She's more than competent. She's able. And that's important. And she backs her running mate. John McCain's "not looking for a fight, but he sure isn't afraid of one." Biden certainly didn't back Obama just after the primaries. I remember it. But now he has to. That kind of flip-flopping just makes me so uneasy. It's like they have a nice, tailored suit and flashy smile on the outside, but underneath it's all a mess. And I wouldn't be surprised if that's a fact.

It wasn't the strongest speech ever. But it was very good. And it served its purpose well.