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This weekend

The weather here in So-Ill. is supposed to be relatively nice this weekend; sixties, sunny... Hopefully that's true. I've got a ton of stuff to move into a dumpster, a ceiling fan to hang upstairs, ceiling tiles to put up, a hand rail to finish, holes to fill, cracks to patch, primer to paint, and a door to install. Not only that, I need to get a sheet of drywall. So I've got my work cut out for me.

Sunday afternoon I'm planning to come back to my office to work on the WGRN site. The sooner I can get that done, the sooner I get extra cash for lenses and a case for the D80. Why would I work on this in my office you ask? Well, 1) I have a Mac Pro w/ dual monitors in my office and it beats the crap out of 12" PowerBook in just about anything; 2) I have a desk and a comfy chair in my office. Nicer than trying to get comfortable on our futon while holding my tiny laptop and using Spaces to switch screens every minute. 

I'm hoping to get a few minutes with my new camera this weekend too. I'm probably half way through the manual. The controls are different from the Canons I usually use (I knew this was the case, since Jon told me so). And I still don't know how to mess with the white balance. I need to get used to the viewfinder display so I can read what it's outputting quickly. I'm used to the 20D's display and it's WAY different than Nikon's. I'm still not competent with changing aperture and shutter speed on the fly. I know I just need some practice and "quality time" with the machine. I like it though. It takes beautiful simple photos, so I'm excited to see what it'll do when I get decent. Hopefully by the Portugal/Ireland trip.