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This Day... going by SO slowly. What is the deal? Maybe it's because summer is ending and people are showing up on campus. It's probably more closely related to the fact that I am waiting for people to answer me.

I lost my iPod Touch. I'm not sure how, but I know when. Monday. It has to be in the house someplace. Absolutely has to be. See, I got home. I remember seeing it where I had set it down and grabbing it because it wasn't supposed to be there. I went upstairs, did some GRE studying, ate dinner, went back upstairs to do some more, came downstairs and Jessica took me to Dairy Queen (drive-thru) to cheer me up.

Got back, watched TV. We haven't gone anywhere. And I haven't been able to find it since Tuesday morning. It's super-annoying. I hope I find it soon.

We got a cucumber today from our garden. And we ate it. Well, half of it. In a chicken salad. It's really good.

I am really stressed about the GRE. I need to get a better score on it this time so that I can get into the school i want. Hopefully this Kaplan stuff will pay off. But it doesn't seem to be yet. And I take the test next tuesday.

Please pray for me.