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This and That

Geez. Loads of spam comments since that last akismet update. Weird.

So, CNN's news team is making me sick. They won't drop this thing about Palin's daughter. It's none of their business, it's just a way of pushing their left-wing agenda against the Republicans right now. It's dirty politics.

So, my Vaccaro. Still not put back together. Do you know anything about wiring? Take a look at this diagram and let me know. There's a free black wire that used to be soldered to something, and I'd like to reattach it. I'll give you a dollar. Or not.

I dove back into WordPress today and learned how to do asides. Which I think are cool. You may see some here on this blog soon. And the site is looking better than ever. Cool features coming there.

I'm also working on some projects for my dad. And may be moving hosting soon. Godaddy has been bugging me for a while but my dad is getting hosting for his two sites and I may move ours over there since I am managing the hosting accounts.

It's Monday. And I wish it were later in the week.