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The Strange Thing About Connections

I've been making so many connections recently. Okay. Last November when Jess and I headed out to WV and met up with Lauren and Andrew @ Capital, Lauren mentioned Daley Hake was around. The name sounded super-familiar and I thought I might have met him at a gig back in So-Cal through Dan Bailey or someone back in the day.

Daley's a pretty amazing photographer and also plays with tons of people in Southern Cali.

Some context: In high school I worked at a camp and conference center in Big Bear as a sound/video tech. I mixed for most of the struggling Christian bands from Riverside including such favorites as All Together Separate, Plumbline, Peter Neumann and MOI. I actually toured for a bit with MOI and Peter Neumann on separate occasions. I mixed a New Years show at a coffee house for Moises and band back in 2002 (when I was home for Christmas break from school) and stayed at Moises and Lori-Beth's apartment (before they had a kid) and did a few spot dates before that.

Well, Dan Bailey IMs me today and has me check out a new project he's working on with Tyler Chester (great musician btw) and I remembered I had been wanting to ask if he knew Daley Hake. He says he does and mentions that Daley does or did play with MOI (Dan and I overlapped in our working with Moises). So I check out the Fishers (artist agency - home of many legends including ATS and the Kry) website and sure enough Daley and his brother Dylan are listed on the page.

So weird. Anyway, I'm kind of stoked about this. I've been making these strange connections lately and it's really cool to see how small the world is. Another example: Alyssa (whom I work with for AgapeFest) grew up in Ecuador and went to the school the Peter Neumann use to go and lead worship at once a year. That was weird too.

Anyway. Cool stuff. I like to see how this works.