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The More I'm Alive, The More I Hate People

How can someone presume to be smarter than the architects and engineers who have studied for years to understand the physics and sciences of how a massive building can stay standing, just because she is a lover of history??? There is no way that you could have any idea of the danger or risk that building meant to this campus and the hundreds of people that scurry about the grounds every day with the arts and crafts and complaining you have devoted your life to.

It is ignorant to be so presumptive. It is repugnant to attack the decision after the fact. And it makes me really mad that one could be so close-minded as to not weigh all the options or hear all of the reasoning or make an effort (other than writing letters to the local newspaper and complaining in the community) to actually help the cause but instead criticize and undermine an institution that does so much good for Christ's kingdom.