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The Hiatus Ends Now.

This has probably been the longest in a while that I haven't blogged. At least since we were in Europe and didn't have ubiquitous wifi anyway.

This'll be short. We went to WV over the weekend. I caught whatever sickness Jessica had, but with due diligence fought off most of the symptoms with the zinc-y goodness of CVS brand Zicam. Still got some sinus pressure nad congestion, but I was able to come into work today and that is a good thing. I got loads done so far.

Harry made the 8-hour trek with us. I think it may have shocked him a bit. Our "island" is a lot bigger than the UK. An 8-hour drive was pretty much a foreign concept to him. But he survived. And now we're enjoying the beautiful fall weather in Greenville. Given, I am stuck in my office and he is recouperating at our house.

New MacBook Pros today! I hope they offer a non-glossy screen version.

Ummm that's all for now.