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The Futuristic Strength

Over the next couple weeks I’ll be posting about my top 5 StrengthsFinder Strengths: Futuristic, Strategic, Responsibility, Restorative, and Competition.

My number one StrengthsFinder strength is Futuristic, and is my personal favourite of my Top 5. According to the Signature Themes report, I have a knack for seeing what is coming in any given situation I am constantly interested in what's coming next:

As if it were projected on the wall, you see in detail what the future might hold, and this detailed picture keeps pulling you forward, into tomorrow. While the exact content of the picture will depend on your other strengths and interests—a better product, a better team, a better life, or a better world—it will always be inspirational to you. You are a dreamer who sees visions of what could be and who cherishes those visions.

Futuristic has done a few different things for me in my career. First off, it helps me set complete goals. I tend to have a definite vision of what an outcome should be in any given situation and, like the Signature Themes report says, when combined my other Strengths, I tend to know the exact path to get there.

But setting complete goals is not a purely personal endeavor. "When the present proves too frustrating and the people around you too pragmatic, you conjure up your visions of the future and they energize you. They can energize others, too. In fact, very often people look to you to describe your visions of the future."

I don't know exactly the psychology behind this, but I do have a theory. At the core, I can paint a detailed picture of my version of the future. Details are reassuring. If there is a complete plan, it's easier to buy in, and people are more willing to. And because I am energized by my own visions of the future, I can communicate those details with certainty, vibrance, and commitment.

Professionally, this helps me in drafting proposals to get things done. I've done so for web technology purchasing. I've energized those at my institution with dreams of innovative, unified technology uniting our campus body. In a sense, it's a knack for vision-casting the whole picture and getting other to see it, believe it, and buy-in.

But even beyond that, and perhaps more importantly, what I love about Futuristic is generating exciting ways to improve, fix, revolutionize whatever system I am working in. And combined with my #2 Strength, I am able to set down a plan of action to bring those visions to fruition.

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