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The 28th

Starting my 28th year...

Last year when I wrote my annual birthday post it was a lot of retrospect and wondering what the future would bring. This year I am working harder and more focused than ever. We made huge leaps this past year. Jessica and I had lengthy discussions about our future and what we needed to accomplish. A central part of that was moving away from Chicagoland and me parting ways with my formal work in higher education.

Today, in Austin, I am having more fun working than I have since all the activities I threw myself into in college. I'm in demand, still, and I'm coming to terms with what that means. Austin, and working around the right people has opened doors for me that I am constantly walking through. I'm designing for startups, for colleges and universities, for consulting and development firms, for web services... I'm making more money on my own than I ever have at a salaried job. And on top of that I have more time to devote to Jessica, to hobbies and interests, and to finding community.

I view this year, my 28th year of life, as the real start to our future. The decisions we make this year will shape what we do for the next decade: where we go, what we study, when we'll decide to have kids, what differences we'll make.

I'm excited.