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That Travel Itch

It's been almost exactly two years since we've been out of the country. I have that itch...

Actually, Jessica and I have been talking about some future plans. What are we going to do with after I finish my MA, what do we ultimately want to do with ourselves work-wise? I know that I do not have a corporate bone in my body. Higher Ed is good because there's a structured environment, but also because it's a little more relaxed. I remember when I was seriously considering a move to freelance web if a new permanent job didn't come up. The saddest part was not being a part of the HigherEdWeb community anymore.

But at the end of the day in this era, work is life. And so why do work you hate? Or dislike. Or don't feel like doing sometimes?

I'm considering more and more freelance work and teaching. Online teaching to be exact. Mostly because online classes can be taught from anywhere in the world. I'm experiencing that now in my own graduate studies. I've had an instructor who is Turkish and has taught from Spain and Egypt in the same semester, and one who is German living in Barcelona and teaching online.

Freelance work can also be done from anywhere on the globe. If these were combined we could be anywhere. This was a big factor in looking into doctoral work at University of Sussex. In Sussex. England. Which is a dream. I've always wanted to live in England for a time.

I have a friend from college who, with her husband, quit their jobs, sold their possessions and are currently traveling the world. Amazing. I love it. I am jealous. I am discontent sitting in our nice townhouse watching movies and doing homework. I want that kind of adventure.

It seems I've always had wanderlust. Looking over the list of places I've been (England, Hungary, Ireland, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Portugal)  I've had a lot of experiences. But there are SO many more to have. So many more countries to visit, languages to learn, buildings to take photos of, foods to eat.

If you were to take a look in my office at work, you'd see a whole bunch of UK-centric stuff. I surround myself with things from other countries. Heck, look at the design of this blog. I am obsessed. But I constantly want to be moving.

In any case. I definitely have that itch again. Maybe it's time to man-up, pare-down, and start focusing on that goal. We're only young once. We don't have kids... Work, a dog, and student loans are our only fixed responsibilities.

What do you think we should do?

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