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That Time of Summer Again

So I wrote that headline and then realised that it could be about any number of things. It's the beginning of August when Illinois gets nasty hot and humid. It's the time of year where we get ravaged by mosquitos and see tornados come up out of nowhere. It's the time of year where practically everyone is gone in the office and we have barely any motivation to work.

But what I originally meant was it's that time when I work on a redesign for Which is actually going really well. I think I'm getting in the groove of my design style for this summer/fall. And I kind of like it. (Psst... secret, very early look at the design here) But part of my redesign meant logging into the WP backend of and looking at the page structure I had. And there I found a comment I had failed to approve.

This guy left a comment on a post I had made during the festival. And if you remember way back to my posts here from May, we had storms happening right up until the festival and a lot of people thought we'd cancel the show. But we didn't. We never cancel the festival for weather. So I had posted to the site that we would not cancel the show, and I left a little prayer on the post and got a lot of good reaction from our concert-goers.

Anyway, this guy was going on about how it's our inability to accept that God might want us to push the festival back a weekend or cancel it for a year and blah blah blah. I was a little bit taken aback... and I'm still not sure what his purpose was in leaving that comment. So I emailed him back.

But I still don't get it. Anyway. If you want to read the comment for yourself click here.