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Teaching Debut

In a couple of weeks I will making my initial foray into college-level teaching. Last week I signed my first adjunct contract to teach Web Page Design to a group of Sophomores through Seniors. I am really excited about this job, to tell the truth. I think it'll be a lot of fun and a good experience for me as a designer.

The class is once a week on Monday evenings for three hours. It's an introductory web design class, so I'll be teaching the most basic of XHTML and CSS. But I am hoping that this group of Digital Media students will catch on quickly enough that we can really get into the cool stuff.

Beyond markup and stylesheets I will be teaching them some design. Some actual design. Because I think that's part of what the class has been lacking (from the students I've known in previous classes). The students in my class will be following good design blogs and hopefully learning some trends.

As a new teacher I think I'm lucky to have such great online resources available, in the form of so many design blogs.

Is there anything specific you would want to learn in a class like this if, of course, you were taking it? I'd be interested to know what you think is important.