Music as Art vs Commodity Culture

Why Taylor Swift's reasoning is flawed even if the end result is good We're all aware of Taylor Swift's decision to remove her 1989 album from Spotify's streaming music catalog. There are many reasons that as a student of media and media markets, and as a musician myself, that I [ … ]


Favourite Records of 2013

Happy end-of-2013! There was a lot of good music released this year and while I sometimes find it hard to listen to new music (I just love so much not new music, it's hard to put it away in favour of the freshly pressed stuff), I managed to hear a [ … ]


Paper Route Covers "Royals" by Lorde

Saw this shared by Paper Route last week on Facebook. Apparently they won a contest with it -- but that doesn't matter. It's just a really great cover. JT's still got some of the best vocals out there. [ … ]