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Summer Activity

Well, the Bravery site has been up for a month. I know this because it's been exactly a month since I've posted on this site. There have been a lot of exciting things happening and a lot of new work coming in. I spoke at WordCamp ATX 2013 last Saturday and had a blast. I think it went well and I was asked to give the same talk at WP Summit on June 11th. I'm excited to do so, and if you work with WordPress at all, you should consider attending this online conference. It'll be great.

Monday and Tuesday of last week I went to Artifact Conf. here in Austin and got some great inspiration for improving the way I design and work. I also feel like I got better plugged into the creative design and tech community here. 

Only two weeks until I head to State College, PA to present with Mallory Wood at PSUWeb13. I'm really excited about our talk and think it'll be one of the better ones coming out of higher ed this year (I hope it will be, anyway). The planning alone has been fun and I think it will help a lot of our peers consolidate everything they've been thinking about branding, customer service, and user experience.

In August I'll be taking a quick 3 day vacation and heading to Palm Springs with Jessica. This is probably what I am most excited about. I can't wait to turn off and sit by the pool at the Ace Hotel for a few days.

Throughout June and July we have friends visiting town, so that'll be a lot of fun. And then in October I'll be giving a talk that I am super excited about at HighEdWeb in Buffalo.

Finally, Jessica and I are looking into a trip to the UK at the end of November. My friend and soon-to-be hired gun is going to Handheld Conf. in Cardiff, and I was considering joining him and then spending some time in the south of England with him and his wife. And maybe going to mainland Europe for a couple of days. Both a working holiday and a real holiday. Here's hoping we can make it happen.