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Star Trek!!!

We just got back from seeing Star Trek --

Oh dear Lord it was good. I personally loved it. Yes, I'll admit I'm a JJ Abrams fanboy, and I also have had an enduring love for Star Trek since I was a boy and would watch TNG with my dad. But I really really enjoyed this film.

The casting was spectacular. Each actor did a great job of embodying the classic characters. The characters of Bones McCoy, Scott, and Sulu were particularly fantastic -- but Zachary Quinto as young Spock was fascinating. He added vigour and life to the character while still holding onto the little things that make Spock Spock. All around the actors nailed mannerisms made famous by the original actors.

And I think the writers and Abrams did a perfect job in resetting the last 40 years of Trek and allowing tons of room to relaunch the franchise. And better. The old movies got so hokey and ridiculous, but with the Bad Robot team... geez. This series has excitement, life, humour, and loads of storytelling potential. I'm excited at the prospect of sequels because this was done so well.

I do wish they had spent more time on their experiences at Starfleet, but otherwise... man.

Can't wait to see it in IMAX!!!