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Spokane Recap

Jess and I are back in cold, windy Illinois. Our flights yesterday weren't terrible, but I'm still angry that US Airways charges $2 for water. That's bad when you have connecting flights less than a hour apart and can't bring more than 3oz of a liquid through bloody TSA security. Also, St Louis TSA is making you take more than just your laptop out of your bad. All large electronics. Guess who isn't. CRW, LAX, GEG, DTW. TSA then outright lied to me saying have always done the large electronics (by the way, my D80 counted as large), when I know for a fact that just six months ago they did not.

We had fun in Spokane with the family but 16 hours of flights where you get hassled by everyone is exhausting. That and getting only 7 hours of sleep over the weekend.

Our plane landed at GEG at 10:30 PST. Feeling like 12:30 am to us, and having not eaten or had anything to drink since lunchtime, we were dead tired. Dad and Uncle Dennis picked us up and took us to the house. There were 13 people sleeping at Aunt Jean and Uncle Dennis's house.

We stayed up for a couple of hours talking until we finally went to sleep. Next morning we went to brunch at this pretty great restaurant-wine bar, Vin Rouge. I had crepes filled with chicken, fontina cheese, wilted spinach... it was delicious. And we ended up just laughing and having a great time.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out until the big birthday party that night. We ate steak and chicken, gave Aunt Jean joke presents, and had a great time. We stayed up late playing Beyond Balderdash with my cousins and sisters, and finally went to bed at 2 am, ready for an early morning flight.

It was too quick a visit and too much traveling, but so much fun. Here are a few photos from the trip, but you can see more in my photostream.

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