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So Worn Out

This day has been so tiring. I'm not sure if it was the storm last night waking me up at 3 AM, all the work I've had to do at work or what... but my normal (and even abnormal) efforts at coffee intake did not work.

I need to get some new electric guitar strings. I'm think I may just spring for the Thomastik-Infelds... I haven't played them since college and I love them. And figure I might as well. To order or to drive to Guitar Center? That's the question. I have no other reason to drive the 45 minutes out to Fairview Heights, and it's so far when Musician's Friend is just a few clicks away... probably cheaper to order them online.

Today I trained faculty in using dotCMS again. It went pretty well. A little bit tedious considering I had zero energy. But all in all I think it all worked out. New Student Orientation starts tomorrow and the semester starts next week.

As I continue to read design blogs, more and more I wish I could just quit work and do freelance all the time. But it's certainly not feasible at this point. I need the steady work, even if I have to put up with things and people.

I've got a bunch of projects I need to finish up and barely any drive to do them after everything at the day job. Do I feel a bit overwhelmed? Yes, certainly. But I am holding out for a specific project that I think is going to be awesome...