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Snow Is Cold

We had a few inches of cold, white, crystalline stuff fall yesterday in Greenville. Yes, I'm referring to snow. It's nice. Cors loves it and jumps around like a bunny. It's pretty funny. I realised that Greenville is terrible about clearing the roads in town--not to mention Facilities staff clearing outside our office. So I ended up pulling on my snowboard boots to walk to work today. That was a workout for sure.

I always feel like it's not worth it to buy regular snowboots when we only get one good snowfall a year here. If we end up moving to Syracuse then I'm sure I'll break down and buy some real boots.

I'm anxiously waiting for 05 Feb. so that I can update my TaxCut software and finish my taxes for the year. Looks like we'll have a good refund, but maybe better if some of these tax cuts go through. We'll see what happens.

I found out that my grad school app will most likely be reviewed around 01 Feb., which is next week! So I'm hoping I will hear back soon about whether or not I'm in. My cousin Josh teaches Political-Science at SUNY in Buffalo, which is awesome. It'll be cool to have family nearby if we do get to move out to Syracuse. He's already invited us over for Thanksgiving if we are there.

Jess and I have this feeling of unrest, sort of, I think. We're ready to move on.

In other news, I finished Jessica's new blog template last week and I am pretty happy with it. Her Etsy store is doing pretty well and she's getting some new items up. It's pretty cool. You should check both of them out.