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Site Redesign (Late Announcement)

This site has been sporting this look since January. A full half-year. But I realized that a) I hadn't really finished it; and b) I had never announced it officially.

So.... this 'new' WordPress theme is the first minimal theme I've ever been happy with. In fact, for a year I really wanted to do a minimal design for my site and just couldn't settle on something I was happy with.

But then I had an idea last summer... the phonetic spelling of my name could be cool... and I had never seen anyone else do it. So I started playing around with it. The main typeface for my name (the serif) is Sorts Mill Goudy TT by Barry Schwartz. The sans-serif is good old Gill Sans (by Eric Gill, of course). These two fonts have been a staple in my personal branding for a few years. And I still love them. This allowed me to create a minimal, yet typographically charged design. 

And bonus: Sorts Mill Goudy is on Google Web Fonts and has and extended character set (allowing me to use the ō in the spelling).

Like the previous look here, this site is built with real HTML5, using its native elements. I'm making use of the HTML5 shiv for IE 8 and lower visitors, so everything should display decently okay. However, for maximum CSS3 goodness, you should cruise the site in the latest Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

In particular, check out the updated category and post type icons (to the left of each post), the new Portfolio section with a whole lot of my recent work, and a streamlined About page.

Other cool things? Twitter authorization for commenting; custom post types, taxonomies and post formats, courtesy of WordPress 3.x; and some other cool things on the way (still need to figure out my photos page and spruce up my online CV).