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Short Week, Long Week

I think I may only work one full day this week.

My parents and sister fly in tomorrow afternoon to stay with us for a week. They're going to help us finish the house, finally. It'll be nice to get all of the flooring in, the wall patched up, trim up and painted. Hopefully we can get the gutters up too.

Jess and I got to do some gardening yesterday. We planted some more hyacinths and tulips that we picked up for pretty cheap at WalMart. I sprinkled some grass seed, so hopefully we can get that lawn patched up this year and looking nice.

AND tomorrow is St Patrick's Day. That means we're making Dublin Coddle tonight for dinner tomorrow. Delicious! Coddle's become sort of our St Patrick's Day tradition. It's delicious. Jess makes a mean soda bread too. Exciting.