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7 Years with Jessica

Today marks seven years of marriage to the most fun, caring woman I've ever known. Jessica and I have celebrated our anniversaries in California, Greenville, West Virginia, St Louis, Chicago, Williamsburg, and now Austin. It's been an exciting, challenging, and entirely worthwhile seven years. I feel so privileged to have found her and that she continues to put up with me on days that I'm lazy or tired or overworked or not as thoughtful as I should be. She really is an incredible person and the best possible friend I could ever have. I love you, Jessica!

Here are some photos from past anniversaries.

2011 - Dinner at MOTO Chicago

[gallery link="file" columns="2" ids="31209,31215"]

2010 - Colonial Williamsburg

[gallery link="file" columns="2" ids="31214,31213"]

2009 - Greenville, IL

[gallery columns="1" link="file" ids="31212"]

2008 - St Louis (Art Museum and Shakespeare's)

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Apparently we didn't take pictures before 2008... We spent 2007 in California and had a really weird experience at a Benihana in Ontario. Our first anniversary, in 2006, we were living with Jessica's parents and we went to a really good Italian restaurant in Charleston, WV that has since closed down.