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September Check-in

Nearly a month since my last posting. Yes, things have been busy here in Austin. Over the past month I finished up work for a number of clients, taken on a few more, started East Coast Lindy Hop lessons with Jessica, ordered a new Macbook Air, did my quarterly taxes (I work for myself now!), and redesigned the Bravery Transmedia logo + migrated the current landing page to WP Engine.

My birthday is a week from tomorrow and I have a lot of work I'm going to try and get done before then. Jessica is taking me to Uchiko, this amazing Japanese restaurant here in Austin that everyone has told me I have to go to. Also on the docket for that day is a massage and general self-indulgence in the form of playing instruments and personal projects.

The first week of October I'll be in Milwaukee for a speaking engagement at the HigherEdWeb conference. It'll be nice to have a few days in the Midwest fall weather and to see many friends and former colleagues from Higher Ed. I'll still be doing work in the higher education sector at least till the end of this year, and hopefully beyond. Eastern Wyoming College has hired Bravery Transmedia to redesign their website and we're excited to be working with the likes of Ron Bronson and his team, as well as to do some more amazing work for an institution of higher learning.

I also made some fairly big updates to my Portfolio in the past week or so. The full Bravery Transmedia site will be launching before the end of this month, in time for HigherEdWeb, and I'm pretty excited to have a formal outpost for BT work on the web.