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Review: (500) Days of Summer

(500) Days of Summer released to Saint Louis theatres yesterday. We drove out to Landmark Theatres' Plaza Frontenac cinema in Saint Louis to catch this film. A couple weeks ago Jessica and I heard an interview with the director, Marc Webb, on NPR that built our excitement for this film into near-frenzy. See, we rarely go see films on opening night.

This one was different.

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The way Webb described their method in making the film, was to try and convey the emotions a young male goes through when falling in love. And they wanted to communicate that through music and song choices. So, right off the bat, the soundtrack is fantastic. It's up there with a Cameron Crowe soundtrack, I think; especially so when combined with the sort of story this is.

We're warned at the start that this is not a love story. And it certainly isn't. Witty to melancholy, hilarity to downright despair, (500) Days of Summer puts the viewer in the middle of the thrilling uncertainty that comes with infatuation. And it does so with such exacting precision that you feel each elated moment and every painful word.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (one of my favourite actors) and Zooey Deschanel were cast very well. Interestingly enough, Deschanel, in my mind, seemed to become less attractive over the course of the movie -- an oddity when you consider most guys find her really attractive. I'm not sure if that was done purposefully using visuals, or if it was just my mental and emotional involvement in the characters. The acting from the leads was superb, creating an effortless chemistry that was entirely consuming, while the supporting cast was cohesive enough to create a believable world.

Definitely go see this movie. But be warned, it's not all happy and feel-good. If your life and sensibilities are at all similar to mine, you'll connect to this movie on a level that truly affects you. It will bring forgotten memories back to the surface and make you appreciate devotion.