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I've been sick the past two days. I caught whatever illness plagued my dear wife Jessica over the weekend. It was unfortunate because I woke up Monday feeling so good. This morning I was able to get back to work but definitely did not feel awesome. I'd say that right now, at 7:09 PM I am at probably 85% on a wellness scale. Definitely recovering.

The second half of next week and first half of the following is going to be busy. First we'll head off to Springfield, IL for our friends' Sam and Melissa's wedding. I am an usher and apparently that means I need to wear a tux (is that normal?). So a 2.5 hour drive and a stay in a hotel will be a mini-vacation before all of our favourite television shows come back on the following Monday while I am teaching a class (boo!). Tuesday the 22nd is my birthday (25 years!) and we'll be going out to a fantastic dinner with friends at Dressel's in St Louis that evening. Wednesday the 23rd Jessica is taking me out of work for a day in the city. I will probably be getting some new clothing for the winter and generally enjoying a day off with my wife.

Hopefully by then the air in Southern Illinois will have cooled down to a consistent mid-70s and it will actually feel like autumn the way it did a few weeks ago.

In two weeks' time I should have one of my pending projects done (you can watch progress as it's made here) and hopefully be working on a second one to be finished in October. Then it's Jessica's birthday, Halloween candy to pass out, and finally November shows up.

November means NaNoWriMo. And I am really excited about it this year. Mostly because I've had a whole year to loosely and mentally plan for it (as opposed to the -1 day I had last year when I first discovered it). I've got a sort-of plot ready and want to get it down on paper. You should totally do it too! If you sign up, let me know in the comments and we'll all be writing buddies this November.

December means Christmas in California with my family and then in January we'll be heading up to Portland with the fam for my little sister's wedding. I guess it's just busy all the way until 2010 comes around. Hopefully teaching this class will continue to be good as well.

How's the end of your year shaping up?