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Redesign: Carry On

I did it. Pulled the trigger. The template is mostly done. I have a few special touches I want to add here and there and need to do a bit more bug testing and reformatting of the old content on this site.

But it's pretty much there. The template is full on HTML5 and makes use of a ton of CSS3.  That being said, I'm not testing anything in Internet Explorer for this template. Some things will still work (there's JS to make the HTML5 elements work in legacy browsers), but it's not going to be as pretty or as as rich an experience as if you use a modern Webkit- or Gecko-based browser.

The theme is called Carry On and is a sequel of sorts to my last design, Keep Calm. (eh? See what I did there???)

It'll be nice not to stop fretting about my design that's been sitting for months, that's for sure.

Goals for this design:

  • Emphasis placed on my portfolio moreso than blog posts
  • Update the overall feel and style
  • Play with modern technologies and push myself into them
  • Have something different

I quit this design a few times and always came back to it. So, in the end, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Thoughts?