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Recent Releases

Wow. It's already been a busy week.

We released the new Athletics site at work that I have been developing for the last few months. That was Monday. I have gotten far fewer comments than I expected. And no news is good news as far as I'm concerned. Overall I'm pretty happy with it. Everything at work just seems to overwhelm me right now, so it's good to have a major project out of the way. Check it out if you want:

I did a project for Randall a couple week ago. I'm only going to say this: I coded the design as a WordPress template in about 2.5 hours.

I've got a few projects on deck now (freelance speaking). One of those is a new WP template for a friend from back home. It's a fun project. And I feel kind of bad because it's not going to take that long to code, I just haven't had much time the last few weeks what with work and preparing for my class. But it's coming in the next couple of weeks. She's got a really great blog and I'm excited to be a part of getting this design out for her. Check out tea@elevensies ยป

I start my first bout with teaching college students on Monday evening. I'm really excited about it, but have a bunch of work to do. I need to put together a better keynote presentation and finish up the first assessment for them. I need to get a feel for what they already know about web design. So I'm going to "test" them the first evening. They'll get points just for taking the assessment, no matter what they know or don't know. So hopefully the students will forgive me for a test during the first class.

If you're interested, I could still use help creating questions for that initial test. Check out my previous post and leave the question you think I should ask.