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Recent Favourites

I haven't written about any recent favourites lately, and I have a few new ones. So. Here we go.

  • Arctic Monkeys - Humbug An excellent record from Arctic Monkeys. It's a bit moodier than their previous offerings and a bit more chill.
  • Green Curry Not exactly a new favourite, but I've been eating it a lot the last couple days.
  • Teaching I love it. I could definitely see myself going into teaching as a primary career at some point. As long as the teaching was along the lines of web design and new media marketing. Maybe after I've got that MA I'm jonesing after. I think ideally I'd like to teach college and do freelance. And that's all.
  • Winston Churchill Again, not exactly a new favourite, but I'm hoping to read a lot more about him and his life in the coming months. The HBO movies The Gathering Storm and Into the Storm are excellent.

It's September now and that means my birthday is coming up. I will be 25 years old. For some reason that has been resting heavily on my mind the last couple of weeks. It's almost as if I feel like I will actually be a real adult. As if I've been playing the grown up game the last four years or so.

And with that feeling the ever-present urge to move on someplace resurfaces with resounding gusto. I don't want to feel like I've wasted my young life in this small town. I want to go and do something different. Even at 25 the notion that life is short has hit me hard and I don't want to sit idly by watching the years pass as I feel like I've done the past nearly three years. Perhaps I need to make things happen. Or perhaps I need to wait and see if any of my leads pan out. I've always had a hard time with patience.

Only time will tell.